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Care & Concern Group

Care & Concern Group

Care and Concern is a Parish-based organised group whose volunteers serve our local community by responding to the needs of the people in a Christian, neighbourly and practical way.

Our services are free, but donations are welcome.

We exist to provide services in the areas of visitation, transport, Senior’s functions and other services to meet particular needs in the local parish community.



Volunteers help ease the feeling of isolation and loneliness of people who are aged, sick, disabled, newcomers, or bereaved, by visiting and offering friendly companionship and assistance.

Emergency Home Help

Volunteers help to keep the household running smoothly when a sudden crisis hits a family. They may assist with practical, everyday housekeeping, vacuuming, meals, child/family support and shopping tasks. The service is short term and ceases when the emergency is over.


Volunteers assist people with driving and accompanying them to shopping, appointments or to attend Holy Mass.

Holy Communion to the sick

Our trained Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion will bring Holy Communion to you as needs arise or at your request. Volunteers are extremely happy to visit the sick and elderly in our community as required.


As a Catholic organisation working in cooperation with other Christian churches, we are inspired in our ministry by:

            The love of the Father,

                        the word and example of Jesus

                                    and the Guidance of the Holy Spirit.

We acknowledge the need to support and encourage each of our members.

If you or someone you know needs these services, please contact:

Samantha Marangone,

the coordinator of Care and Concern

by phoning 0490324947, or email: smann12@gmail.com


Fr Paul Chackanikunnel CMI PP or

Monica Johnson, Parish Secretary

Parish Office: 32683040