Grief Support

Welcome to “Nain Bereavement Support Group”.

Who are we?

We are a parish based ministry run by volunteers. The support of the bereaved through the grieving process is our objective and we are a service which is provided confidentially and totally free of charge. The name ‘Nain Bereavement Support Group’ is derived from the Jesus’ life, in raising the widow’s only son, (Luke 7: 11-17) in Nain, a small village in Galilee, three miles south west of Mount Tabor.

Our Mission Statement

‘To provide empathetic identification with suffering and grieving brethren in our parish and neighbourhood’.

The Journey of Grief

The journey of grief is a natural process and is normally aided by the support and understanding of family and friends. There are times in which a bereaved person may require the assistance of a skilled person to assist the journey through their loss in an individually supported and positive way. There are strong feelings (eg. anger, fear, depression and guilt, all of which are quite normal) that need to be expressed, cried over and put into perspective.

Our role

Nain Bereavement volunteers listen with empathy and understanding. Those suffering loss are accepted as they are and will be supported by our members for as long as they need.

For Bereavement Support or to become a volunteer Please contact the Parish Office.