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Homily – 10th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2016, Year C

04 Jun

Homily – 10th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2016, Year C

After the birth of his baby brother, Johnny was thoroughly annoyed at all of his crying and screaming.

“Where did we get him anyway?” he asked his mother.

“He came from heaven!” his mother replied.

“Well I can see why they threw him out!” the Johnny replied.

“Where is God?” is the question that people would ask when they face tragedies in their lives.

When I was in great nine one of our friends died from snake bite.  All students from the school went to his home to pay our last tribute to our dear friend before he was cremated.  While we were at his home I heard his mother crying and asking ‘Where is God?’  ‘Why did He not help her boy and left their family to this awful misery?’  Even though I heard her question, I had no answer for myself’.

In today’s Gospel we see a God who sees and cares for us in our grief.  A God who has compassion for our miseries and gives us his healing touch.

The widow and her son in the Gospel today are not two characters distant from our lives.  I think the widow represents us and her dead son represents our unfulfilled dreams, desires and projects.  And our deepest hurts and broken relationships.  When our plans and dreams are shattered we do ask the same question with the same grief of the widow, where is God?

Today’s Gospel places three messages for us:

  1. To become channels of God’s compassionate and healing love and to place our hope in Jesus who gives us resurrection and eternal life.  Our deeds of love can transform the broken-hearted and help them to experience God as Jesus among His people. Our society needs people who can play the role of Jesus to comfort people in their suffering, to encourage them when they are afraid, to fill them with hope when they are dejected and to support them when they are lonely.
  2. This story should help us to look at our own situation and see, first of all, how alive we really are. When we live in mortal sin, we are physically alive and spiritually dead.
  3. We need to bring our deepest hurts and broken relationships to Jesus and experience how he reaches out to us and grants us his loving reconciliation. Let us invite Jesus to transform even the most difficult situations in our life. The Lord Jesus still raises the dead.  Each time when we bring our shattered lives, our broken hearts, our anger, our depression, our deepest hurts to the table of the Lord we hear him say: “This is my body; this is my blood given and shed for you!” As we receive His Body and Blood he fills us with peace, restores our brokenness and makes us whole once again.

We must ask God for the grace to trust in him and in his promises.